【TED Talkしました】Switch on Design Thinking from Your Today- 枠組みにとらわれないデザイン思考力 | TEDxRikkyoU

Switch on Design Thinking from Your Today

- 枠組みにとらわれないデザイン思考力




  • TEDxRIkkyoU2018 ThemeTo 2021
  • Mission: Connecting the dots

The year of 2020 is one of the most influencial years for Japan since we have the Tokyo Olympics and Paralynpics. In our theme, we treat 2020 as a way point; we are going to present a bunch of ideas(= a dot) to 2021, which we have come up with from our area of study, activities outside a curriculum, or your daily life.
We wish that the ideas will be a bridge to 2021 and that this event will lead each of us to the bright future.

Sharing my TED Talk done in Tokyo in Jan 2018.
My talk : "Switch on Design Thinking from Your Today" by having "open mind set towards new ideas" and "respect on diversity of ideas " to encourage creativity and innovation for today and tomorrow.

To answer to FAQ, I chose to speak in Japanese this time considering the message, purpose and audience I really wanted to deliver to. Current subtitle does not make any sense, but this might have official subtitle later on. 
Although I still have lots of space to learn and experience to give a big talk on this theme, I decided to take this opportunity voting to the importance of diversity of voices especially in Japanese society as one piece of reasons. Big theme cannot be progressed just by setting solid law, policy and rules, I believe it moves forward with every small steps in everybody's dairy lives. 

This talk is one of the things I've been doing to empower society, people and next generation in terms of global and diversity regardless of borders in background, gender, and generation, and "Global & Diversity" continues to be a key of learning, value and joy both in my life and career.


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